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Consulting Services

 For Residential & Hospitality Design Firms

In today's environment we can work from anywhere!  Yay!  This opens up incredible possibilities for building a team with the background & experience perfect for your specific project.  As one of the services Cley Atelier offers, Christine Ley has been consulting remotely for design firms since 2017, (before the world moved to remote)In Christine's 20 years in the Interior Design & Architecture industry she has worked for a wide range of design firms and has learned to quickly adapt to each companies standards & work flow.  She now offers her full range of services on a remote basis to firms who need someone with a senior level of experience and the ability to jump in head first to produce design & documentation, thoroughly and efficiently. 

What sets Christine Ley apart?

 Christine has both a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design & a Master in Architecture along with a lifelong passion for Travel + Art + Design and also 20 years of professional experience.  She specializes in Interior Architecture, developing full ID/IA Construction Drawing packages including custom millwork, detailing and finish & fixture specifications, but she also has experience and loves to be involved in conceptual development, furniture sourcing & design as well as the overall big picture design process. Her professional experience includes managing full, large scale, high-end projects from concept through construction & install so she is adept at jumping in to projects at any phase and working with the team to develop a strong cohesive project. We are here to help! & We play nicely with others.  Please reach out and we would love to discuss collaboration opportunities with your Design Firm​ or Business!


Service - 01


Interior Design & Interior Architectural Design

FF&E Sourcing

Custom Furniture Design

Art & Accessory Selections

FF&E Specifications

IA Design

Custom Millwork & Built-Ins

Finish & Fixture Selections & Specifications

Kitchens (Residential)



Service - 02

Drafting | CAD

Interior Design & Interior Architectural Design


Space-Planning & Furniture Layouts

Full IA / ID Construction Drawing Sets

A.O.R Collaboration & Coordination

Finish & Fixture Specifications

Also for any small or new design firms or firms looking to overhaul their AutoCAD  Drawing Set Standards;  Christine can come in and set up a full new, organised set of standards for you with a package that includes:  File Structure,  TitleBlocks, Layers, Lineweights, Blocks & Smart Blocks, a system for X-Refing, Elevation & Detail Sheet layout templates and more, all customized to your specific firm!  If you want your drawings to be more organized, clean and profesional, we are here to help!


Service - 03


2-D Plan & Elevation   |   3-D Perspectives

In-House 2-D

AutoCAD + Photoshop

In-House 3-D

AutoCAD + SketchUp + Enscape

Outsourcing 3-D

Please reach out to enquire about this service.  We can coordinate with outside remote consultants to manage renderings developed by third parties using various software such as 3D Max, Rhino, Lumion etc.


Service - 04


Client Presentation Development

Concept Imagery

Mood Boards

Material Palettes


Design Intent




Comprehensive Design Presentations formatted  in InDesign

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