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Residential Interior Design Services

Every client & project is unique, so we can customize our services accordingly.  Please reach out and we will provide specific feedback and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

What sets Cley Atelier apart from other Interior Designers?

We believe in efficiency, problem solving & paying attention to the details.  Hiring an interior designer does not need to break the bank nore does it need to turn into a long drawn out process with tons of meetings and coordination.   If you are planning to invest in new furniture or renovations then we highly recommend consulting a professional before jumping in.  By asking the right questions,  we can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes.   Christine specializes in virtual design & has worked on projects remotely her entire 20+ year career (including large-scale, custom & luxury projects).  Trust me it can be done!  And it saves everyone involved time and money.

Expert Advice
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Service - 01

Expert Advice

The Design Consultation

Pick the brain of an experienced, professional designer & get detailed answers to as many questions as time allows, for any or every space in your home.  

Does this sound like you?

You have questions about areas of your home and would like guidance or reassurance from a professional.

You are overwhelmed at the idea of starting your design project and have questions you would like answered and ideas you would like to discuss.

If you've pinned hundreds of pictures on Pinterest but you have no idea how to translate that into your own home and personalized style.

You need a few quick ideas but don't have the need or budget for a design intent package or full service design.

If you’re ready to fast track your design project, get clear and focused ideas for multiple spaces and start making progress towards a home you love, then this rapid fire design consult is for you.

Time Frame       |      Investment

1 Hour     |    $495

2 Hours   |    $899

*Please email Christine with any questions or for more information.

*Virtual or In Person Consultations available.  Virtual available globally & In Person consultations for San Diego area only (within a 10 mile radius of 92101),  In Person consultations throughout California available upon request,  additional time and travel fees may apply.

*Payment due in full to confirm your appointment

*Please note: this consultation is to help advice clients & give them confidence in their upcoming design projects.  It is in and of itself and does not include any other services and does not exceed past the specified time frame.

Design Intent

*Price varies depending on square footage, room type & desired project scope.  Contact us for your personalized custom quote.

*This service can either be a 100% virtual design package or combined with the "Expert Advice" Consultation.  Additional fees for Expert Advice apply for the In-Person Consultation.  Contact us for your customized quote.

* The timeframe for most Design Intent Packages is about 2-4 weeks start to finish (per room), as the clients & designers schedule allows.  Please contact us with any questions or to schedule your specific project.

*Renderings can be included upon request for an additional fee.  Pricing depends on 2D vs 3D and will be quoted on a per project basis.  (per room).   3D Renderings add an additional  2-3 weeks approximately.

Service - 02

The Design Intent Package

We Develop the Concept and Plan  ~   Then You Implement


On a per room basis, get a custom package prepared for you that includes: an overall design aesthetic (mood) , a floor plan with scaled furniture layout, proposed color & material palate + a proposed furniture, lighting & accessory shopping list from standard retail vendors & manufacturers.   This process will start with a consultation followed by a concept presentation then a final presentation where you will be given an 11x17 PDF booklet with the whole package.  Ideal for any room in need of a refresh!   


Elevated E-Design or *Hybrid In-Person (*California Only)


Does this sound like you?

You would love a professional to pull the overall design together for you but full service isn't in your budget & you would like to get started fast.

You've become very adept at ZOOM or equivalent platforms and would prefer convenient, virtual, expedited service.  +  our Design Intent package can be provided wherever you live throughout the world!

If your project timeframe and overall budget is a bit up in the air and you would like the flexibility to implement at your own pace & as budget allows.  This leaves room for things to be phased in.

You are comfortable handling some things yourself but really want a professionals' help with your primary space(s) to ensure it has a cohesive well planned out & functional design.

Perfect if you’re someone who can handle taking some measurements themself and are budget conscious but you are also ready to step up your design aesthetic & jump start your project, get a clear, focused & detailed design plan on a room by room basis, for those key focal spaces you really want to have the "WOW" factor.  

Service Package      |      Investment                                                                         

Design Intent   |    $2,995 - $9,995   (Per Room, up to 300 SF) 

*Please email Christine with any questions or for more information.

*Payment: 100% up front for one room.  For two or more rooms, 50% down, then 50% due after the initial concept presentation. 

*Please note: this package is design intent only.  The client is responsible for full implementation, including procurement, consultant coordination,  contractor coordination etc.  This is a conceptual design intent only package for design direction & does not include construction drawings.   It is in and of itself and does not include any other services and does not exceed past the specified project scope or schedule.

Interior Design
Full Sevic

Service - 03

Full Service Design

Everything  ~   Including the Kitchen Sink

Full Service Design packages are fully customized to each client and are typically for larger scale &/or whole home renovations where the client would likely also require construction drawings & a fully flushed out and detailed design package with specifications + project management for the duration of a project from concept through construction & installation.

Do any of these apply to you?

You want to renovate multiple rooms or your whole home and would prefer to have the profesional handle everything.

You are interested in achieving a very curated & customized design unique to you and your home.  This could include custom furniture, curated art, fully customized built-ins and much more.

You are interested in in having your furnishings and decor sourced from high-end showrooms & "to the trade only" vendors

You are looking for a designer who can work with your contractor &/or architect to develop and implement a large scale renovation or full new construction project.

Perfect for the discerning client who's renovating or building their dream home and  understands that hiring a professional designer for full-service design is an investment in their home.  We also feel its an investment in yourself and your quality of life.  This is for someone who is looking for a professional to develop a comprehensive and functional design customized to them & who can manage the project and coordinate all of the details from start to finish.  

                                                   Project Scope       |      Investment                                       

  Custom Estimates   |    Contact Us

Typically full service starts at around $15k+ per room (on the low end) & can easily go up to into six figures for large new construction or major remodeling projects.  Please also note that those are design fees only and do not include the furnishings or construction costs.  Please also budget for furnishings, which can start at around $35K per room (on the low end) and furnishing a whole home will start at around $150K and go up from there.  Things really do add up but we believe this is an investment you won't regret!

(Full Service design is typically provided on an hourly T&M basis with initial estimates provided based on the overall project scope & schedule.  An initial down payment / retainer is required to start work then the client is typically billed monthly or per project phase depending on the agreement.   

*Please email Christine with any questions or for more information.

*Please note:  Cley Atelier is not an Architectural firm and does not handle building permits.  The client is responsible for hiring additional outside consultants as needed, including the architect & contractor but we are happy to help with this process upon request.  

A La Carte

Service - 04

A' La Carte

Hourly Assistance As Needed  (15 Hours Min. to Start)

If you are planning to handle your design project mostly on your own but would love to hire a professional to help out with various things along the way then this may be perfect for you.  

Does this sound like you?

You would love to hire an interior designer to go furniture shopping with you.  (For feedback, recommendations, etc.)

You feel like your home is pretty much there but it's missing some details to help pull it all together and you'd love some extra help with the final touches.

Perhaps there is something specific you're looking for (say an amazing chandelier you found on pinterest) but you're not having any luck finding something similar, we can help!

Or perhaps you've hired an architect or contractor to design/build a new construction home for you.  We highly recommend having an Interior Designer review the plans to provide feedback and recommendations from an interiors perspective.  (Trust me, we have seen many a bedroom with very strange window locations where there's no wall space left for a headboard or oddly shaped rooms that would be very trick to accommodate furniture, or missed opportunities specifically when it comes down to the details of a kitchen or bathroom. )

Perfect if you’re someone who would like to have a professional at hand to be able to go to with questions or ask for help along the way but aren't really sure where to start or predict what you will want help with along the way.  We highly recommend pairing this with an Expert Advice Consultation to start and this is a great way to wade in to your project slowly then the services can easily be added or adjusted as things develop. 

                Designer Services by the Hour As Needed       |      Investment                        

Hourly Rate (Christine Ley, Principal)     |    $225 Per Hour      

15 Hr. Min to start, then hours can be added on in blocks of 10 Hours.

*Please email Christine with any questions or for more information.

*Payment due in full up front for hours purchased.  

*Hours must be used within a one month time frame from starting but that can extend out if additional hours are purchased.  Please contact Christine to confirm availability.

*Hours can be used virtually or in person locally to the San Diego area (Other locations can also be accommodated in person upon special request but additional time and travel fees may apply).  Please note any travel time, even locally, will count as billable hours deducted from the time you purchase.

*Please note any time spent on phone calls & emails also count towards time used.

Interior Design
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